10 Questions To Ask On A First Date

Today, I want to ask you a serious question. The last time you went on a first date how did it go? Did you know exactly what questions to ask on a first date? Was there an awkward silence? Do you actually feel confident that you would go on a second date, or that you would ever see her again? If those have ran through your mind and you cannot answer that confidently then I seriously want to show you 10 awesome unique first date questions to ask on the date of yours to know what not to say. Check out this reading there are 10 things not to say, but in this article we really thought about what would a guy ask a girl, or whoever there, on a date.

What to Ask on a First Date?

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Unless you've been on many dates, you kind of know how to run the conversation and ask first date questions. You have to know what to ask, so I mean if you're new to our dating informational resource, make sure that you follow our latest article. I’m so excited to tell you about the killer 10 questions for the first-daters.

I'm super excited you guys are all going to love this article. It's gonna be brief and short, but yeah, let's get into it and yeah you look great. So are you originally from this San Francisco area where you live. What to talk about on a first date should not be a concern for you, focus on the actual date itself. Are you originally from here? Oh very cool, so what do you do for work, wait for your looks on the first date? You would be a world traveler, or have you actually left the country before I know that's what's really weird?

I guess and the reason why I want to ask that I want you guys to ask that because it goes a lot deeper in the conversation. If you're asking a question like hey like what is your dream or what makes you really happy, those deep questions have a lot of depth to them and it makes them think about you. This is what makes them share this with you, so that's why I put that question in there.

Decide If Those Questions are Serious Enough

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Would you say that you are looking for a meaningful relationship as one of the questions to ask on a date? I want you to ask if you're really serious for a relationship if you're sick of playing the game, ask that question are you looking for a meaningful relationship for the serious people. Wait, so are you an animal parent by chance, I don't know I'm an animal lover I have to ask the serious questions, so I really enjoy filling in the blank. It sounds to me like this so I really enjoy hiking. Do you think that'd be something you'd be interested in and instead of hiking you can put whatever activity you're super into?

I really enjoy going to a pottery class I know it sounds weird but is that something that you'd be interested in doing. I really enjoy playing frisbee with my friends. It is something that you've probably interested in doing one day okay the date has gone on for a little while now and I have to ask this really serious question. Okay, do you think it is supposed to be a dinner then a movie or movie then dinner. I know I really need to know it's been boggling my mind. I just know what your thoughts are and I put this one in there because. I thought it was so funny because it's like his movie or dinner or dinner or movie what do they think I thought it was goofy whatever so are you a lover of books or a lover of movies. If I called you I don't know randomly this week to go on an adventure would you even say yes you would well okay well cuz.

Final Word

I'm seeing you this week okay guys did you like that last one it just was like tricking them into a second date but I hope you guys really enjoyed these 10 questions some may seem basic some may seem unique. I really tried to ask them in a really fun and engaging way. It's really important to be engaging and not just to be. I have any siblings do you have so dinner or a movie or movie or doing like oh my god definitely be engaging imagine that you're talking to like your best friend in the whole world that you haven't seen in like days.You know just be like fun to be around and yeah so that being said I wish you the best of luck on your first day and what are some questions that you guys have asked on a first date. It actually went well, so definitely let me know, I'll help your amigos out down below and again for the part two.


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